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BTTB-Schedule 5/2004

   BTTB - Back To The Basics
06.05.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
07.05.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
18.05.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
20.05.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
25.05.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
07.05.   BTTB-X-Series: Steinski
18.05.   BTTB-X-Series: United States of Audio
25.05.   BTTB-X-Series: Funkstörung
ältere Monatsprogramme
Vom 16. bis 25. September kann man ByteFM in Hamburg per UKW 91,7 MHz empfangen - tgl von 5 bis 21 Uhr

 Do, 06.05.2004  
 02-03 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics
Heute mit DJ Frane, DJ Wally, RJD2, Adolf Noise, den Dub Pistols und anderen.
[This show will be streamed live - go to and click on "Livestream starten" in the right column]

Ambientfusion - "BTTB-Intro" (BTTB 2002)
Cornelius - "Mic Check" (Matador 1998)
DJ Frane - "Synesthesia" (Tuff City 2004)
DJ Frane - "Hydrophonic Jungle Throwdown" (Tuff City 2004)
DJ Frane - "Green Buds In The Springtime" (Tuff City 2004)
Adolf Noise - "Five N." (Plattenmeister 1995)
Ennio Morricone - "L'Arena" (Warner 1968)
Dual Control - "Left Or Right" (Grand Central 2004)
Cornershop - "Easy Winners" (Wiiija 1997)
DJ Wally + DJ Swingsett - "Emulatory Whoredom EP1: Stringsnsthings" (The Agriculture 2003)
DJ Wally + Shakeyface - "Emulatory Whoredom EP2: Starship" (The Agriculture 2003)
Black Seeds - "Almost Home (Jet Jaguar Rmx)" (Loop 2004)
RJD2 - "Ring Finger" (Definitive Jux 2004)
Dub Pistols - "Dog Town Clash EP 2: Six Million Ways (Paul Daley Rmx)" (Distinctive 2003)
Beneath Autumn Sky - "Smaze Picks" (Hefty 2002)
Dabrye - "Hyped-Up Plus Tax" (Ghostly International 2001)

 Fr, 07.05.2004  
 22-00 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics
Der Offene Kanal ist wieder da! Jetzt nennt er sich Tide und behauptet kein Offener Kanal zu sein, sondern Tide. Aber Bürgerfunk gebe es auch bei Tide. In der Presse ist das noch nicht ganz angekommen - da wird das Programm von Tide immer noch unter dem Namen Offener Kanal angekündigt - und eigentlich ist Bürgerfunk ja auch genau das, was man Offener Kanal nennt. BTTB wird nun also weiter auf 96,0 MHz senden - heute zum 231. Mal. Die Sendung dauert zwei Stunden und wird heute ganz im Zeichen von HipHop stehen.

Funky Fresh Few - "BTTB-Intro" (BTTB 1997)
Ricci Rucker - "You Are Now Ready 4 Scetch Book..." (Sound In Color 2004)
Ricci Rucker - "The Cloud Above" (Sound In Color 2004)
Ricci Rucker - "Dirt (intro)" (Sound In Color 2003)
RJD2 - "Through The Walls" (Definitive Jux 2004)
Jay-Z - "99 Problems" (Roc-A-Fella 2004)
Jay-Z - "99 Problems (Instrumental)" (Roc-A-Fella 2004)
Cypress Hill - "What's Your Number?" (Columbia 2004)
Tony Touch + Soni - "Just Be Good To Me" (Touch 2004)
Tony Touch + Raekwon, Method Man & U God - "Rock Steady" (Touch 2004)
RJD2 - "untitled bonus track (#13)" (Definitive Jux 2004)
DJ Z-Trip - "Oh Lord" (Hard Left 2004)
Cormega - "A Beautiful Mind" (Legal Hustle 2004)
Edan - "I See Colours" (Lewis 2004)
Murs - "3:16" (Definitive Jux 2004)
Murs - "3:16 (Instrumental)" (Definitive Jux 2004)

BTTB-X-Series: Steinski
Hin und wieder werden in BTTB Mixes präsentiert, die man zwar käuflich erwerben kann, die aber so grosartig sind, dass sie unbedingt gehört werden müssen. Steinski von Double Dee & Steinski hat nun einen solchen Mix zusammen gestellt, in dem es um das Label Sugarhill Records geht. Auf der CD schreibt er folgendes:
Steinski If you're looking for a broad overview of the Sugarhill label and its well-known hits, I'm afraid you've come to the wrong place. There are a million of those compilations around for cheap, but this isn't one of them. There's even a fine collection of remixes using Sugarhill master tapes (full disclosure: my friend Douglas and I have a piece on that collection, too), so if you're looking for updated versions of the classics, that's the box set for you.
This CD is a very personal, highly idiosyncratic homage/memoir involving many of the records I bought when I discovered rap and hiphop. I've added a few themes to give the piece some structure and emotion, and several talented and enthusiastic friends contributed along the way.
The rap music I heard in the late 1970's and early 1980's was party music - a generally lighthearted, good-time genre that sprang from playgrounds and social centers in the Bronx. It was rarely heard on the radio (until Rapper's Delight, a song I didn't include), and wasn't widely distributed. In fact, many of the records presented here were first issued on an even smaller label - Enjoy, based in Harlem - run by Bobby Robinson (no relation to Sylvia and Joe), and didn't come to prominence until they were picked up by Sugarhill.
Steinski The longest part of this project was listening to the Sugarhill and All Platinum catalogues and making detailed notes. With a few significant exceptions, the material that appealed most to me was cut with a live band doing the backing track, and that's what's heard on most of the CD. The percussive latin touch is very much in evidence on some of the hottest records. As Cut Chemist notes in the mix, "Sugarhill just had the timbale section on the lockdown." The rappers work in a percussive, syncopated fashion that adds a mighty acceleration to the tracks. There's a real feel of a genre discovering itself, having a party along the way.
Thanks to the other people involved: Paul and Duncan at Sanctuary, for the opportunity. DJ Signify, whose turntable skills, sunny disposition, and analytical ear add immeasurably to the vibe. DJ Milo, who contributed his enthusiasm and deep emotion about the music that's so important to us both. Prince Paul, for devising (on the fly) the saga of the never-ending demo. Cut Chemist, who took time out of a busy schedule to listen and contribuee his critical expertise. Lars Hoel, for his voice-over talent and patience with my "news" writing.
I had a ball putting this CD together. I hope you enjoy it.

Steinski - "Intro" (Antidote 2003)
Grandmaster Melle Mel - "Freestyle" (Sugarhill)
Sugarhill Gang - "Livin' In The Fast Lane" (Sugarhill)
Spoonie Gee - "Spoonie's Back" (Sugarhill)
Busy Bee - "Makin' Cash Money" (Sugarhill 1982)
Sequence - "Fi Ya Up That Funk" (Sugarhill)
Treacherous Three - "Yes We Can Can (interlude)" (Sugarhill 1982)
Kool Moe Dee - "Do You Know What Time It Is" (Jive 1987)
The Whatnauts - "Why Can't People Be Colours Too (interlude)" (Stang 1974)
Busy Bee - "Busy Bee's Groove" (Sugarhill)
Treacherous Three - "Feel The Heartbeat" (Enjoy 1981)
Sequence + Spoonie Gee - "Monsterjam" (Sugarhill 1980)
Sylvia - "It's Good To Be The Queen" (Sugarhill 1981)
Funky 4 + 1 More - "It's The Joint (Joint Remix)" (Sugarhill)
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 - "Freedom" (Sugarhill 1980)
Mean Machine - "Disco Dream" (Sugarhill 1981)
Positive Force - "We Got The Funk (interlude)" (Sugarhill 1979)
West Street Mob + Grandmaster Flash - "Medley" (Sugarhill)
West Street Mob - "Let's Dance" (Sugarhill 1981)
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 - "Super Rappin'" (Enjoy 1979)
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 - "Scorpio" (Sugarhill 1983)
West Street Mob - "I Can't Stop" (Sugarhill 1984)
Steinski - "Outro" (Antidote 2003)

 Di, 18.05.2004  
 22-00 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics
Das Tempo der heutigen Sendung ist durchweg im Clubkompatiblen Bereich und bewegt sich zwischen 120 bpm und 170 bpm. Neben weiteren Remixen der schon gehörten Tracks von Seelenluft und Safety Scissors gibt es Musik aus den Alben Matki Wandalki von Felix Kubin und A Grand Don't Come For Free von The Streets. Außerdem ein neuer Remix von Si Begg, ein wahnsinnig guter Bootleg Mix von "Outta Space" von The Prodigy und neue Musik von Pressure Drop, die auf ihrem Label One Eye zwei neue Maxis am Start haben. Außerdem hört ihr heute den dritten Teil der Live-Session von D-Styles und Shortkut, aufgenommen vor zwei Jahren bei Mr. Bongo in London.

United States Of Audio - "BTTB-Intro" (BTTB 2003)
Safety Scissors - "Fridgelife (Oxymoronic Original Remix)" (Proptronix 2004)
Seelenluft - "You Come Along (Munk Remix)" (Klein 2004)
D-Styles + Shortkut - "Instore Session pt. 3 (live @ Mr. Bongo, London)" (unreleased 2002)
Cane Matto - "Ain't Nuttin To It! (Part 2)" (One Eye 2004)
Christian Harder - "Popland (Si Begg Rmx)" (Wonder 2004)
The Prodigy - "Out Of Space (Bootleg Mix)" (Cut & Run 2004)
Felix Kubin - "Hissi Hissi" (A-Musik 2004)
Felix Kubin - "Too Technical (based on a remix for People Like Us)" (A-Musik 2004)
Felix Kubin - "Fernwärme Wien" (A-Musik 2004)
The Streets - "Fit But You Know It" (679 2004)
Rider Shafique + Mista Melody - "Rider (Rhyme Provider)" (One Eye 2004)

BTTB-X-Series: United States of Audio
United States of Audio United States of Audio started DJ-ing over 10 years ago whilst he was still at school. His passion for hip hop began sometime before that when a friend introduced him to De La Soul’s classic album ‘3 Feet High and Rising’ back in the late 80s. After finally being able to afford some decks, he cut his teeth producing countless mixtapes and playing at numerous house parties in his hometown of Southampton. He’s come a long way since then and as his skills have developed so has his diverse record collection. He is now well known for his eclectic and creative DJ mixes, which have been featured on numerous radio shows world wide including Coldcut’s legendary Solid Steel show. Now based in the city of Bath, UK, he is also one of the founding members of Under Construction Records, a small label who are planning their first 7” release this summer. United States of Audio DJ’s regularly in the bars and clubs of Bath as well as in Bristol and London, showcasing his trademark eclectic sound of funk, hip-hop, ska, dub, electro and everything in between. “I don’t like to stick with just one style of music, but whatever I play I like it to be funky!” After the success of last years Back to the Basics mix, United States of Audio returns with another unique selection of tracks old and new.

United States Of Audio - "BTTB-Intro 2" (BTTB 2004)
DJ Format - "B Boy Code (Original Mix)" (Genuine 2002)
Double Trouble - "Stoop Rap" (Beyongolia 1983)
The Meters - "Chicken Strut" (Josie 1970)
T-La Rock - "It's Yours" (Def Jam 1983)
Rob Swift - "Dope On Plastic" (Asphodel 1999)
Afrique - "House Of The Rising Funk" (Mainstream 1973)
Coldcut - "Beats & Pieces" (Ahead Of Our Time 1987)
The Art Of Noise - "Close (To The Edit)" (ZTT 1984)
Busy Bee - "Street Rap" (Beyongolia 1983)
Cash Money & Marvelous - "The Music Maker" (Sleeping Bag 1988)
Davy DMX - "One For The Treble" (Tuff City 1984)
Tackhead - "Is There A Way Out" (On-U Sound 1985)
The 45 King - "The King Is Here" (Tuff City 1988)
Blockhead - "Carnivors Unite" (Ninja Tune 2003)
DJ Krash Slaughta - "The Rasta James Bond (Rastamental)" (Evil Genius 2001)
Si Spex - "Fly Like A Seagull" (Illicit 2003)
Western Roots - "Percussionistics" (High Noon 2003)
Major Force - "The Re-Return Of The Original Artform (Cut Chemist Mix)" (Mo' Wax 2000)
Liquid Liquid - "Cavern (Cut Chemist Mix)" (Mo' Wax 1998)
Man Parrish - "HipHop Be-Bop (Don't Stop)" (Unidisc 1982)
Bronx Dogs - "Tribute To Jazzy Jay" (Heavenly 2000)
Edwin Starr - "I Just Wanna Do My Thing" (20th Century 1977)
Young MC - "Know How" (Delicious Vinyl 1989)
Jurassic 5 - "Lesson 6: The Lecture" (Rumble 1998)
Bomb The Bass - "On The Cut" (Rhythm King 1988)
DJ Shadow - "Right Thing (Z-Trip's Set The Party Off Mix Bonus Beats 1)" (Universal Japan 2003)
MPC Genius - "Genius At Work" (B Boy Beats & Pieces 2003)
Delia Derbyshire - "Happy Birthday" (Rephlex 2004)

 Do, 20.05.2004  
 02-03 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics
Heute nacht hört ihr Musik von RJD2, Funkstörung, Ricci Rucker, DJ Kam und anderen Neuheiten. Los geht's aber mit vier älteren Stücken aus den Jahren 1954, 1971, 1980 und 1999. [This show will be streamed live - go to and click on "Livestream starten" in the right column]

Shivaree - "Goodnight Moon" (Capitol 1999)
Booker T. & The MG's - "Melting Pot" (Stax 1971)
A Certain Ratio - "Shack Up" (Factory 1980)
Archie Bleyer - "Hernandoz Hideaway" (Cadence 1954)
Ricci Rucker - "The Cloud Above" (Sound In Color 2004)
Funkstörung + Enik - "Disconnected" (Stud!o K7 2004)
Malcolm McLaren - "About Her" (Maverick 2004)
Ennio Morricone - "Il Tramanto" (Maverick 2004)
Meiko Kaji - "Urami Bushi" (Maverick 2004)
DJ Kam - "Kam's Theory" (Meifumado 2004)
RJD2 - "To All Of You" (Definitive Jux 2004)
Ricci Rucker - "Simply Eternal Now" (Sound In Color 2004)
Morton Stevens - "The Long Wait" (Capitol 1969)
RJD2 - "untitled bonus track (#14)" (Definitive Jux 2004)

 Di, 25.05.2004  
 22-00 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics
Pete Rock ist zurück! Sein aktuelles Album heißt Soul Survivor II und ist damit die Fortsetzung von Soul Survivor aus dem Jahr 1998. Die erste Maxiauskopplung war enttäuschend - das Album ist aber hervorragend. Unter anderem wird er von seinem alten Weggefährten C.L. Smooth unterstützt. Auch Kinderzimmer Productions melden sich mit einer EP zurück, genau wie Mark Rae. Aus Philadelphia gibt es ebenfalls neues zu vermelden: Ahmir ?uestlove Thompson, der Drummer der Roots, erweitert seine 1999 gegründete Online-Marketing-Plattform für Musiker aus seiner Heimatstadt Okayplayer um ein Label und gleich die erste VÖ ist eine Do-LP mit vielen phantastischen Tracks aus Philadelphia. Weitere Neuheiten sind aus dem Hause Ninja Tune zu vermelden, das neue Alben von Sixtoo und Wagon Christ am Start hat. Und natürlich hören wir noch mehr Musik aus dem neuen RJD2-Album - diesmal ein besonders merkwürdiges Stück mit deutschsprachigen Samples. Außerdem dabei: Die Compilation "Spain Is Different" sowie Musi aus den Alben von Felix Kubin, Fingathing, Enik und Funkstörung.

Mr. Scruff - "BTTB-Intro" (BTTB 1998)
Pete Rock + C.L. Smooth & Denosh - "It's A Love Thing" (BBE 2004)
Pete Rock + C.L. Smooth - "Appreciate" (BBE 2004)
Kinderzimmer Productions - "Mehr oder weniger" (Kinderzimme Productions 2004)
Funkstörung + Sonic Sum - "Mr. Important" (Stud!o K7 2004)
Mark Rae - "Depth Charge" (Grand Central 2004)
Blackalicious - "Just What Can Happen" (Okayplayer 2004)
Jean Grae - "Fall Back" (Okayplayer 2004)
Little Brother - "On And On" (Okayplayer 2004)
RJD2 - "Act 2" (Okayplayer 2004)
RJD2 - "One Day" (Definitive Jux 2004)
Sixtoo - "Snake Bite" (Ninja Tune 2004)
The Roots - "Don't Say Nuthin" (Geffen 2004)
Enik - "Chaos The Drug" (Wonder 2004)
Fingathing - "Rock The Whole Planet" (Grand Central 2004)
Wagon Christ - "The Funnies" (Ninja Tune 2004)
Gecko Turner - "Un Limon En La Cabeza (Quantic Dub)" (HiTop 2004)
RJD2 - "1976" (Definitive Jux 2004)
Felix Kubin - "This Is No Dream" (A-Musik 2004)

BTTB-X-Series: Funkstörung
Mit Funkstörung geht's auch in der zweiten Stunde weiter. Anläßlich des neuen Albums "Disconnected" haben sie eine Mix-CD gemixt, die ihr heute hören könnt.

DJ Peabird - "Untitled Intro" (Stud!o K7 2004)
Massive Attack + Sinéad O'Connor - "What Your Soul Sings" (Virgin 2003)
Prefuse 73 - "Drum Machine, Cello, Headrwap" (Warp 2003)
Tes - "Untitled Demo" (unreleased)
Bjork - "Hidden Place" (One Little Indian 2001)
Funkstörung - "Disconnected (instr.)" (Stud!o K7 2004)
Funkstörung + Enik - "Disconnected" (Stud!o K7 2004)
Anti-Pop-Consortium - "What Am I?" (75 Ark 2000)
Funkstörung - "Untitled Beat" (unreleased)
Moloko - "Be Like You" (The Echo Label 1998)
Lenny Kravitz - "What The Fuck Are We Saying" (Virgin 1991)
Funkstörung - "Cement Shoes (instr.)" (Stud!o K7 2004)
Enik - "Taxi" (Wonder 2004)
Sonic Youth - "Mote" (Geffen 1993)
Erykah Badu - "... & On" (Universal 1997)
Solvent - "Elbow Glue" (Suction 1998)
Kanye West + Talib Kweli & Common - "Get Em High" (Roc-A-Fella 2004)
Tha Alkaholics - "Killin It" (No Info)
Dose One - "Civilization" (Dose 1998)
Tes - "Trigga Da Whistla (inst.)" (Lex 2003)
Tes - "Trigga Da Whistla" (Lex 2003)
Tes - "Untitled Human Beatbox" (No Info)
Barry Adamson - "Whispering Streets (Funkstörung Rmx)" (Mute 2002)
Nikka Costa - "Like A Feather" (Virgin 2001)
Riow Arai - "Break Literacy" (Soup Disc 2003)
Funkstörung + Tes - "Chopping Heads" (Stud!o K7 2004)
Cypress Hill - "Insane In The Brain (inst.)" (Columbia 1993)
Wu-Tang Clan - "Reunited (DJ Peabird Rmx)" (Loud 1998)
In Rush A - "Random Access" (No Info)
Bisk - "Chattering Jazz" (Quantum 1997)
Beans - "Win Or Lose You Lose" (Warp 2004)
Sonic Sum - "Rocket" (Agenda 2002)
Funkstörung + Sonic Sum - "Mr. Important" (Stud!o K7 2004)
Squarepusher - "Lambic 9 Poetry" (Warp 2004)
Them - "Joyful Toy Of A 1001 Faces" (Anticon 2000)
Prince - "Life O' The Party" (Sony 2004)
Shadow Hunterz - "American Dreams" (Skam 2004)
Funkstörung + Mark Boombastic - "Habitual Citizens" (Stud!o K7 2004)
Slum Village - "Raise It Up" (Source 2001)
Kool G Rap + The RZA - "Cakes" (Epic 2000)
Timbaland + Magoo & Missy Elliott - "Cop That Shit" (Background 2003)
DJ Peabird - "Untitled Beat" (unreleased)
Beans - "Mutescreamer (El-P Remix)" (Warp 2004)
No Info - "Star Wars Soundtrack (Yoda Talking)" (Second To None)
Prince - "Kiss" (Paisley Park 1986)
Funkstörung - "Moon Addicted (instr.)" (Stud!o K7 2004)
Kylie Minogue - "Slow (Chemical Brothers Rmx)" (Parlophone 2003)
DJ Klock - "Out Of Harmonies" (Sublime 2003)
Towa Tei - "Audio Sex (Prefuse 73 Rmx)" (Avex 2002)
Radiohead - "Paperbag Writer" (Toshiba 2004)
Autechre - "VL AL 5" (Warp 2003)
Lusine - "untitled" (No Info)
Plaid - "Little People" (Warp 1999)
Funkstörung - "Live @ Vancouver" (unreleased)
Riow Arai - "Irregular Tips" (Soup Disc 2003)
Autechre - "P.:NTIL" (Warp 2003)
Funkstörung + Tes - "Fat Camp Feva" (Stud!o K7 2004)
Aphex Twin - "Ventolin (Marazanvose Mix)" (Warp 1995)
Mr. Projectile - "Output (Working Title)" (No Info)
Baby - "Stereogirl (Demo Version)" (No Info)
Mr. Projectile - "Produnce Pais (instr.)" (No Info)
Kraddy - "Faux Show (Shimmy Shimmy Ya Remix)" (Muti Music 2004)
Delaware - "Phonkeytribemix (by Phon.o)" (No Info)
AFX - "Knievel" (Rephlex 2004)
Christopher O'Riley - "Everything In Its Right Place" (Sony 2003)

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